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We would like to introduce ourselves:
Our firm “Feltes GmbH - Gerätebau und Gerätevertrieb” try to make the job of lifting and moving heavy objects easier for you.

More than 15 years we have been working with aluminium. 1998 we took over the firm Burkard in Haan/Germany, whose owner retired because of old age and with whom we had been working together for a long time.

We have a wide range of products. Between many others we sell quick mounting gantry cranes made of aluminium, several lifting pliers for manual and mechanical use, stone splitters and other devices for use in crafts, trade and industry.

Due to longtime experience and tight an lively contact with users we are capable of perfecting existing products and/or developing new ones. We have been honoured by several independent institutions -we received an innovation medal for the big stone lifting device 700 which was developed by us.

One of our newly developed products is the pulling and elevating device for stone blocks. It is a device used in the drilling and sawing industry and is capable of moving stone blocks out of walls without danger.

If our products are manufactured elsewhere we do regular quality controls to guarantee a permanent high standard.

We deliver to clients in Europe and other countries from our firm centrally located in Ratingen / near Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany. We know that nowadays a prompt delivery is essential. Therefore we have generous storing facilities, so that our products can be delivered instantly i.e. production times can be kept at a minimum.

We are at your disposal for any technical or sales orientated inquiries and we would feel happy to be able to make your work easier with one or several of our products.

CEO Feltes GmbH

We are members in several important organisations for example the Drilling and Sawing Industrial Association:

[Please notice that not all product descriptions are available in english right now]